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ebp Global has earned its reputation as a high-performance consulting firm based on the ability to deliver impactful solutions to our clients’ most complex problems.

Our deep understanding of retail, omni-channel environments, supply chain, operations, sourcing and logistics offers an unparalleled ability to serve a wide range of industries.

ebp’s team of experts, located in our resource hubs around the globe, work to provide a high level of service, regardless of geographic boundaries.  As a result, we generate efficient, effective solutions to our clients wherever they need us.

We are proud to claim some of the world’s most well-known companies as long-term client partners.


Latest Publications

One Number

One Number

Any business operates an annual budget process. Once done, this budget is hardly touched or modified during the fiscal year of execution. Targets for sales, production or other departments are derived from those budgets and ...
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Granularity Impact

Inventory is proportional to Lead Time

The objective of this article is to ‘refresh our memories’ about one of the most fundamental relationships in supply chain management: Inventory is proportional to Lead Time. Let us remind ourselves where this started. This ...
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Inventory Challenge in Omni Channel Setups

Business Architecture for the Omni Channel Inventory Challenge

The problem can be stated as follows: How to best use inventory in an Omni Channel environment to maximize order fulfillment whilst minimizing end of life or obsolete inventory as well as working capital investment ...
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