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Launch of Integrated Assortment Planning

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new approach to the merchandise planning process with Integrated Assortment Planning (IAP). IAP functions include store clustering using advanced machine learning capability, sales planning, range planning and buy planning, including open-to-buy management. Like DMS, our inventory management application, IAP is delivered via the cloud.

IAP was developed together with ebp Global, a consulting firm with a reputation for high-performance strategy and operational consulting across North America, EMEA and APAC. ebp Global represents Retailisation outside Europe and are known for fast, tailored and result-oriented delivery of improvements and transformations to SMEs, multinationals and global players.

At Retailisation, we target our solutions mainly to the fashion and sporting goods industry. It is our mission to continually optimize assortments and product availability at any retail location. Our workflows significantly improve sales, margins and stock-turns and facilitate collaboration with retailers for Vendor Managed Inventory and omni-channel business.

Our customers include several well-known brands in and around Europe for whom we manage the replenishment flow of both seasonal and never-out-of-stock collections.

IAP is closely integrated with DMS (Distribution Management Services), enabling IAP to work off the same daily data by SKU (stock keeping unit in each location) in a closed loop fashion. Applied together, DMS and IAP deliver trend setting capability by combining real-time store replenishment and forecasting with planning tasks needed for any fashion brand or fashion retailer in today’s world.

For further information about how ebp Global and Retailisation can help grow your retail business, please contact:

Jasper Zeelenberg
Michael Gamper