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Trace Alliance Press Release

ebp Global announced that it is joining the Trace Alliance, a collaborative hub for solving supply chain challenges using blockchain technology. Joining the Trace Alliance brings us closer to using the OriginTrail blockchain protocol for data exchange in its supply chain, and is also a platform for connecting with a global network of software development and implementation partners.

Trace Alliance

About the Initiative

We made the decision to join the Trace Alliance because we see a large spectrum of practical applications of the OriginTrail Decentralized Network (ODN), especially for global sourcing.

In December 2018, we launched the prototype application AirSourcing as our first solution built on top of ODN. More details about the solution and the project team are available on the project website

About Trace Alliance

Trace Alliance is a collaboration partnership hub, connecting businesses, startups, academics, business leaders and technology vendors with supply chain subject matter experts. The collaborative effort of the alliance resolves different organizational challenges in supply chain management. The Trace Alliance was formed to establish common ground for the prompt and effective utilization of the blockchain up to its full potential. The Trace Alliance allows companies to receive early access to developing technologies, facilitating new application deployment centered around the OriginTrail protocol.

About OriginTrail

OriginTrail is enabling businesses to speak the same language with integrity. With the blockchain-powered data exchange protocol for interconnected supply chains, it is allowing businesses to seamlessly share and secure data – unlocking the potential of blockchain technology for the multi-organizational environment.

Existing applications of the OriginTrail protocol include supply chain visibility for GMO-free dairy products, premium poultry and fresh vegetables for major European food producers, preventing counterfeiting in wine, blockchain-based consensus checks for efficient supply chain management for a logistics center, data integrity for laboratory information management systems from Australia and Vietnam, and a partnership with EVRYTHNG IoT smart product platform to deliver verifiable supply chain traceability and product authenticity for consumer product brands. OriginTrail received the Innovation Spark 2017 Award from the Walmart Food Safety Collaboration Center in Beijing.

For more information about OriginTrail or to download the company’s white paper, visit the official website