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A comprehensive Supply Chain and Project Management dictionary with weekly added terms and illustrations. Brought to you by an international team of experienced consultants, ebp Global.

Understanding the Term

The amount of stock present in a retail or outlet store and ready to be distributed to interested consumers.

The formula for calculating inventory on hand is:

[inventory on hand] = [last recorded inventory] + [stock replenishment] – [sales] – [other disposals]

The alternative to this formula is to count the inventory manually.


Understanding the Term

The virtual inventory includes all of the products that a company has on hand, whether on a retail floor, in a back room or at a warehouse. Incomplete or finished products that are located at the factory owned by the company or by one of its suppliers are not part of the virtual inventory.
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Understanding the Term

Date when a finished good, material or file is expected to physically arrive at a defined place.

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Understanding the Term

Sourcing concept of small markets with buying volumes lower than the required Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) that have to wait for bigger markets to place their buys in order to attach (to “piggy back”) their buying volumes and by doing so meet the MOQ.
As a consequence, the small markets cannot have their delivery date guaranteed and are dependent on schedule of the bigger markets.

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Understanding the Term

A RFD fabric refers to a white fabric that was processed through scouring and bleaching to remove starches, sizing or finishes applied to the fabric which could interfere with the dyeing. Scouring is done to improve dye uptake and absorption into the fabric and improve evenness in dyeing throughout the fabric length.

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