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Public Sector, Utilities, Municipalities and Local Government

Public sector is a broad industry that enables critical services and infrastructure to communities ranging from a local municipality(s) to multi-national organization(s).

As one of the critical players in the community through its services, infrastructure and employment, they hold a significant position in the economy.  The industry also has a significant role to play in the modern world of green energy, water and other sustainable initiatives across the globe.

As the consumers across the globe are becoming more focused on environmental protection and sustainment, public sectors face a new set of challenges to provide environment-friendly services keeping in pace with the innovation led by technology. Their pressure of optimize cost continues grow with the growth in the community’s expectations to have services-at-one-click.

As digital and consumerization revolutionize consumer goods, foot-ware and other industries, Utilities are not far behind. The Digital revolution (Mobile, Cloud, Analytics and Social) is driving enormous pressure on this industry to revise and revolutionize the way they offer services to consumers, customers, and employees. It also mandates the need to innovate their revenue generation opportunities.

The need to digitize the experience of their consumers, customers and employees has become imperative while keeping a seamless and effective integration with their core ERP system.

Challenges in maintaining the competitiveness:

  • Environment-friendly and sustainability initiatives
  • Natural resources abundance and availability
  • Technology-driven consumer revolution (MCAS, IoT, Uberization)
  • Innovation around revenue opportunities
  • Cost Optimization
  • Excellence in operational execution