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Our Team and Our Values

Our Team

ebp enjoys a success­ful position as a global strategy and operational consulting company covering a number of different industry sectors. Based on this sector specific expertise, we cover a wide spectrum of key competence areas, ranging from the management of omni-channel environments, consumer insight and management strategies, product development processes, development of client specific operation strate­gies, operational performance improvement in produc­tion, logistics, sourcing and procure­ment, operation transformation to information system strategies.

One of our strengths is our in-depth knowledge of the different operating and process models, industry specific requirements, product and material flow techniques and different information systems custom­arily used in those industries. As part of our process consulting service in warehouse management for instance, we provide useful input and added value through our profound know­ledge of convey­ing order picking methods, complex ware­housing techno­logies, packag­ing solutions as well as process-supporting IT systems. This guarantees you solu­tions that are functio­nal and fully implement­able in practice. In many cases, we are also entrus­ted to act in a neutral capacity to assist with the selec­tion of systems, provid­ing support during implemen­tation right through to the re-con­figura­tion stage.

What sets our team apart from other consulting firms are the following capabilities:

  1. Rich practical experience
  2. Wide subject matter expertise
  3. Close collaboration with clients.

Our Values

In order for ebp to stay in a leadership position in the strategy and operational consulting, we have to continuously develop our expertise and create value and drive performance for our clients:

Client Focus – Our approach is to develop client specific solutions which are capable of being implemented in daily operations of enterprises. Our exten­sive know­ledge of best practices provides valuable input, yet client specific situation is always the key pillar of our service design. Our philosophy of maximum client orientation is under­pinned by a high degree of flexi­bility in terms of subject matter, geo­graphy and timing, and terms of services. To help clients achieve success, we can work on the basis of a project contract or make technical experts avail­able on a fixed-term basis who are exclu­sively at your service depending on the terms of reference.

Exceptional Team – Our teams have a strong technological background, are business-minded and experienced with hands-on operations. We are committed to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions to drive competitive advantage.

Strong Partnership – As a trusted business partner with our clients, we create a true partnership with our clients based on mutual trust and enabled by open collaboration with client teams.

Operation oriented – Our team works on transitioning recommendation into reality. On the senior management level, we define turnaround guidelines and on operational levels, we assist and coach teams in implementing the changes without losing the grip on their daily operations.

Integrity – We deliver solutions that are honest, politically independent, and free of personal interests. We uphold the highest level of ethical behavior and integrity. We have the courage to be held accountable for every one of our decisions and solutions.