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Analytics and Technology

Business Intelligence

In today’s dynamic and uncertain environment, having just an IT system to manage your information flow is insufficient. The next step is to utilize the historical information to help you plan strategically, tactically, and operationally. This will help you gain the competitive edge in the market.

To assist our clients better use their information, ebp’s business intelligence team equips our clients with the best tools to analyze their data. The tools summarize results so that our clients can understand their status in a simplified manner. We work closely with our clients from the design to implementation phase to ensure the tools provide the most values.

Technology Management

Information technology exerts a decisive influence on corporate processes across every sector of industry – whether in planning, production, logistics or order processing. IT is largely responsible for whether the efficiency levels planned for work processes are fully achieved or not.

The philosophy practiced by ebp in this complex subject area is as clear as it is successful: first comes the process, then the IT. First and foremost, we focus on the design of sustainable efficient processes. From this, we derive the requirements for data processing and IT technology. During the process design or optimization stage, we perform a feasibility analysis which already takes into account the possible function spectrum of IT applications. This forward-thinking work method pays dividends during the IT implementation stage at the latest, and is of particular importance when it comes to considering the issue of interface technology.

RFID Solutions

The automatic identification (AutoID) of products and containers is a key underlying element of modern and efficient processes. Depending on the requirements and outline conditions, this can be implemented using bar-codes or radio frequency identification (RFID). The use of RFID technology for controlling production and logistics has increased dramatically over recent years, using data carriers from storing complex and changing process and status information to the real-time testing of products.

Transforming what are generally high expectations in the the technology and the software into innovative technologies calls for an integral approach to the process. Backed by its many years of experience in concept finding and implementation processes in sectors such as automotive engineering and pharmaceuticals, ebp provides support across every phase of an RFID or AutoID project.