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Management Excellence

Interim Management

We take on temporary management roles for our clients in SCM, purchasing and IT during transitional phases. Our extensive practical knowledge and long years of experience in operations make us ideal candidates to perform this role. For instance, we have on several occasions been interim logistics directors to help guide our clients through crucial transition periods.

Coaching and Implementation Support

During the preparatory and implementation phase of transformational improvement projects, new management concepts brings challenge to staff in understanding and implementing new practices. We share with our clients our experience how to do it properly and effectively.

We offer our clients individual coaching and implementation support in Supply Chain Management and IT Management.  We can work with clients to handle demanding and complex challenges and to find satisfactory, workable solutions throughout the project cycle. By means of regular and on-request project meetings and workshops, we ensure progress and prompt resolution of problems.

Being experienced in industries and project best practices, we offer appropriate tools, impetus and advice for project problem solving and conflict resolution. As an independent, professional and neutral partner, we serve either as an expert moderator or taking responsibility for full implementation.

In-House Training

Being industry thought leaders in Supply Chain and IT Management, we conduct seminars on a wide range of topics for leading seminar organizers at home and abroad. We serve to promote methodical knowledge along with state-of-the-art solutions using practical examples. Interaction with participants and active involvement in role play are established components of our training seminars.

Our client- and industry-specific seminars and qualification programs are distinguished from other consultancies – we embed industry-specific unique management requirements as an integral package instead of “one-size-fits-all” programs. Getting into the same shoes with participants, we simulate them to think about problems they are facing in a holistic perspective. This has led countless participants to a refreshed view in their business with new opportunities for performance improvement.

We also organize and moderate round table debates on certain specialist topics for jointly selected clients, which offers scope for “like minded” participants to exchange experience and ideas in a relaxed atmosphere.