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Operational Excellence

Supply Chain Management

An efficient system of Supply Chain Management (SCM) is vital to any successful business today. It must be capable of addressing the needs of complex, multi-tier supply chains and even networks. Elementary to achieving this type of system are factors such as the creation of lean supply chains, the use of modern planning and execution methods, also close collaboration of the trading partners.

A company-specific SCM strategy forms the basis for sustainable and successful supply chain management. Once this is in place, network structures, processes and supporting SCM software systems can be optimized across procurement, production and distribution. ebp offers consulting services in these areas. We make use of successful methods and proven solutions which build on our many years of experience gained through completed consultancy projects across different sectors.

Logistics Management

The building blocks of a successful logistics manage­ment system are inbound/outbound logis­tics (supply chains) and plant-internal logistics. In these areas, we are able to offer ex­tensive exper­tise and know-how in plan­ning, implement­ation and practical application. Our support is not just at the initial concept phase of a new product, but also in periods when series production is up and running.

For instance, during the launch of a new vehicle series in the automotive industry or when introducing a new transport system, we provide support in Product Engineering Process (PEP), redesign of packaging or switching to Just In Time (JIT) or Just In Sequence (JIS) supply. Support in the select­ion of logis­tics service providers, the logist­ical quali­fication of supplies and the intro­duction of lean logis­tics solu­tions complete our compe­tence spectrum in this area. We have the ex­perience and ex­pertise it takes to address your needs with logis­tical solutions tailored and imple­mented specifi­cally for you.

Production Management

There are many reasons for inefficient production which fails to comply with market requirement: change of production volumes, modifications in the product spectrum and use of obsolete structures. These result in high inventory levels, long production lead times and excessive delivery lead times. Working together with you, we will highlight inefficiencies in your company and support you in seeking ways to optimize and configure your production and assembly departments.

Using the lean production philosophy, we will enable you to implement efficient production and assembly, and to achieve minimal lead times. Our approach is to concentrate on essentials and lean value adding processes no matter whether you are looking at a single workstation, whole production, and assembly lines.

Purchasing and Procurement

When it comes to purchasing and procurement, the focus today more than ever before is on driving down costs without compromising on stringent product specifications, quality and delivery service standards. At the same time, the opportunities and framework conditions existing in the global procurement market have undergone a radical shift. Other factors influencing success in the procurement business include: increasing customization of products and ever shrinking order lead times.

ebp has the necessary expertise to help medium-sized enterprises in particular to optimize their purchasing processes, make the most efficient use of sourcing opportunities and optimize the integration of purchasing and procurement with supply chain management processes. Our consultants combine practical experience and methodological expertise from both these two fields, to generate added value for optimization projects.

Factory and Warehouse Planning

Ultra-modern logistics and production engineering solutions form the foundation on which we design economical, individually tailored factory and warehouse plans. Depending on your project focus, we will elaborate optimum location, plant structure, building and utilization concepts and support you in their concrete implementation and in selecting the right technologies.

The efficiency of an industrial company is shaped decisively by factors such as the layout, physical structures and the technical and organisational framework conditions. Whether you are restructuring, expanding or planning a brand new factory, production workshop or warehouse, we will analyse and evaluate every aspect encompassing potential for optimization, feasibility, economy and future viability. Taking all these aspects on board, we will help you create the optimum space for trouble-free, economical value creation.