ebp global hires experts only. In contrast to the standard management consultancy model, we do not take graduates or interns. We believe that only by fielding a team brimming with real-world experience, can we hit the ground running the day we commence a partnership with our clients.

EBP team


We have specialists and generalists from diverse industries with the common denominator being a proven track record of successfully transforming every organization they encounter, and improving every process they touch.

Michael Gamper EBP

Michael Gamper

Chief Executive Officer

James Vardy - ebp Global

James Vardy

Chief Financial Officer

Managing Director, UK & Europe

Nanda Rajagopalan - ebp Global

Nanda Rajagopalan

Managing Director, North America

VP, Strategy & Operations

David Symonds EBP

David Symonds

Director ANZ, VP of Operations

Archana Menon - ebp Global

Archana Menon

VP - Insights & Analytics

Henrik Eriksen - ebp Global

Henrik Eriksen

Managing Director, Nordics

Lillian Zou EBP

Lillian Zou

Director - Singapore

Marc Tornatore - ebp Global

Marc Tornatore

VP - Planning and Execution

Anne Blirup - ebp Global

Anne Blirup

CEO of Sustaina Company…part of ebp Global

Julia team ebp - ebp Global

Julia Schneider

Director of Marketing

ebp is global by name and by nature. Our teams operate in every timezone, collaborating to solve our clients' most confounding challenges.