Utilities and Energy

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The Utility and Energy Sector is a broad category that encompasses providing critical services and energy supply to communities, companies, and individuals via infrastructure, installed assets, direct distribution, and even retail.

It is further complicated by a combination of public and private enterprises that mix uniquely in each local marketplace. While public entities play a key role in a community through services, infrastructure, and employment, they also control supply in some markets. Private entities are disrupting many marketplaces with competitive pricing, new services, and innovative distribution methods. Regardless of whether a consumer receives energy from private or public entities, providers are faced with the challenges of offering environment-friendly services while keeping pace with the innovation led by technology. The pressure to optimize costs additionally grows with the community’s expectations to have services accessible “at one click”.

As digital and consumerization revolutionize consumer goods, footwear, and other industries, the utility and energy sector are not far behind. The Digital Revolution (Mobile, Cloud, Analytics, and Social) is driving enormous pressure on this industry to revise and revolutionize the way they offer services to consumers, customers, and employees. It also mandates the need to innovate their revenue generation opportunities.