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As classical brick and mortar players are under pressure by e-commerce players, most retailers and wholesalers have been forced to reinvent themselves. Adding e-commerce channels is introducing supply chain complexity in the both shopping behaviour and supply solutions. Increased quality of private label offerings and attractive pricing have challenged traditional consumer brand loyalty and increased the challenge of retaining consumers and attracting new ones.

Therefore, retailers are always struggling with assortment efficiency at store level, or range efficiency overall. Increasing the share of fast and slow movers, whilst reducing the non-movers is a constant challenge. Integrating effective merchandising, demand and buy planning and sales-based replenishment and supply techniques are key requirements for this industry.

Getting the right mix of products in the correct channel at the right time requires a high degree of consumer insight, flexible and responsive distribution options and perhaps rethinking the entire sourcing and production networks. Competitive pressures are driving industry players to turn to technology in the form of AI, IoT and data analytics to drive efficient value chain design.