Planning & Execution

Demand Planning

Understanding the size and variability of your demand is crucial to ensure your customer needs are met. Our team of consultants will guide you through evaluating the structure of your demand streams, forecasting techniques, and the relationship between your demand plan and supply execution.

EBP Demand Planning - ebp Global

Supply Planning

Investing in the optimal amount of supply is key to ensuring the profitability of your business while protecting customer satisfaction. A one size fits all approach to planning your supply will cause instances of overstocked items or a frustrating cycle of short-stock situations.

Ebp will help your business classify your items based on their demand profile and recommend the best-fit strategy for securing your supply.

EBP Supply Planning - ebp Global

Logistics and warehousing

A high-quality demand and supply plan can often be jeopardized by a poor structure and process for executing your warehousing and logistics needs. Understanding how the demand patterns of your customer base impact your warehouse capacity and material flow is critical for driving on-time and efficient delivery.

Our team will analyze your customer demands, material types, warehouse configurations, and logistics planning to ensure an optimized process.

EBP Logistics and warehousing - ebp Global

Merchandising planning

Analyzing the mix of products your company offers in retail stores and on your e-commerce platform is a challenging task. ebp Global takes a data-driven approach that will complement the merchandising expertise that exists within your organization.

From merchandise financial planning to clustering analysis and assortment planning, ebp will help create a model that fits your business’s unique needs.

EBP Merchandising planning - ebp Global

Digital Solutions

Moving your processes to digital platforms is key to achieving higher levels of efficiency and optimization. It is important to have a clear view of your full digital landscape, as well as a carefully crafted plan for prioritizing new technology, selecting viable platforms, implementing, and retiring your legacy technology.

Ebp will help in recommending a road map for your digital transformation with an emphasis on maximum value delivery.

EBP Digital Solutions - ebp Global

Program and Project Management

Having a clearly defined approach for running your program is critical to being on time and within your project budget. The ebp team will provide a suite of project structure options and help in selecting the one that best fits your project needs.

Additionally, we work closely with our clients on deploying the selected strategy and coaching your project management group as needed.

EBP Program Management Structure and Setup - ebp Global

Change Management

Measuring the impact of new technology and communicating the expected changes to all relevant stakeholders is often an area that does not get the required focus. A lack of change management emphasis can jeopardize a successful deployment and adoption from end users.

Ebp will help develop a plan for critical areas such as change impact assessments, process change identification, and planning structured communications to stakeholders at all levels within your company.

EBP Change Impact Assessment - ebp Global