Sourcing & Sustainability

In a highly disruptive global marketplace with a constantly increasing demand for adapting to new conditions, a tight and well-organized sourcing platform with a healthy and flexible chain of vendors is crucial to maintain a stable supply chain. One of the prevailing conditions has become “Sustainability”, which is growing demand independent of industry.

Where many see the areas of sourcing and sustainability separately, we at ebp Global see it as becoming tightly connected. We see it as a tremendous business opportunity across the value chain. Now is the time to react to the changes in consumer behaviors and the accelerating speed of climate disruption, impacting significantly purchasing and sourcing processes.

EBP Sourcing - ebp Global

We help organizations review their operating model to optimize E2E processes. We recommend and implement tools and strategies to support and adapt to current and future challenges in their sourcing set-up. At the same time, they are being able to include all elements of becoming corporate socially responsible (CSR).

EBP Sustainability - ebp Global

We believe “sustainable business” means finding a balance when designing, manufacturing, and consuming products. It means avoiding the depletion of natural resources and the exploitation of individuals and communities.