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EBP Organisation Design

Organization Design

As your business evolves over time, ensuring that your organization’s design is fit to scale the changing demands is critical. Establishing role clarity, global alignment across operating regions, and measuring the resources required per function are important elements in validating that your business is equipped to efficiently operate as it changes.

Assessment of the current org design (supply chain) - merchandising planning, demand planning, supply planning, capacity/material planning, vendor management, Procurement, logistics; review at global / regional and channel level; recommend the appropriate org design to support the operating model.

Operating Models

An operating model acts as the foundation for how your business processes and technology are deployed. Is your company primarily wholesale driven? Are you a multi-brand operation? Are you exploring the potential of an Omni-Channel approach?

In many instances, your operating model may be outdated, or out of sync with the changing needs of your business. Our team of consultants will analyze your business requirements and recommend alternative operating models and the best path for achieving them.

EBP Operating Models - ebp Global
EBP Decision Rights Mapping - ebp Global

Decision Rights Mapping

Interview and determine key pain points in decisions and accountability across the organization's value-chain. Leverage the RASCIN method to map and recommend the right decision rights model for the pain points.

New Product Development, and Introduction

New Product Development and Introduction (NPDI) process, also termed as Concept-to-Shelf process, is the core for a company around which all other processes are built. Understanding this end-to-end process in bringing your product and/or service to your end consumer is critical.

At ebp, we bring expertise around the product innovation process and all its touchpoints on the supply chain processes to enable the upfront team (your brand and marketing) to understand and collaborate effectively.

EBP New Product Development and Introduction - ebp Global
EBP Master Data - ebp Global

Master Data

A clear definition of master data – product, location, vendor, customer, consumer, employee – is the lynchpin for the seamless execution of your value-chain processes. We bring you the expertise and experience around having consistent definitions for your key master data elements and how they should be evangelized across your functional groups and integrated into your technology landscape.

Talent Assessment

Assessment of the current talent in key roles across Merchandising, Demand/Supply/Capacity/Material planning, logistics management; Provide Job Description for the roles at global / regional / channel level.

EBP Talent Assessment - ebp Global
EBP Change Impact Assessment - ebp Global

Change Impact Assessment

For the recommended operating model, assess the impact of change for all functional group across the concept-to-shelf (end to end) process.

Technology Selection

Selecting the right technology is a daunting task for any company. From considerations of cost to functionality, you want to be comfortable that you are making a selection that will thrive for the long term. Our team will analyze your business model and processes and directly support your team in all stages of the selection process.

This includes articulating your requirements to the candidate providers, providing feedback on the system demo, and in finalizing a commercial agreement that is ideal for your company.

EBP Technology Selection - ebp Global
EBP Program Management Structure and Setup - ebp Global

Program Management Structure and Setup

Recommend the right program structure with governance with Executive leadership team to enable success implementation of process, people and technology program.