Integrated Planning Solution

EBP Assortment Planning - ebp Global

Case details

Client Profile

A Leading Swiss airline catering company


CHF 4.9bn



Problem Statement

Design and implementation of a suite of enterprise technology solutions. Solutions included ERP (Microsoft D365), advanced planning platform (Logility), Customer Portal (Proprietary), and enhancements to catering ERP (SAP)

  • Work closely with client’s IT and business leads in the development of requirements and the validation of developed functionality
  • Act as an advisor on the design and delivery of integration of processes and systems
  • Assist in articulating organizational impacts and change management requirements
  • Successful deployment of D365, Logility, Customer Portal, and SAP enhancements for use for pilot airline SAS
  • Improved visibility of inventory movements between central supply chain and catering nodes
  • Ability to combine catering production forecasts with statistical forecasting capability to plan central supply
  • Lot traceability and control, load planning optimization
  • Customer portal and ticketing system providing common source for logging special requests and placing order management queries
  • Improved visibility across complex network of central planners, 3PL’s. catering units, and airline customers
  • Integrated catalog of items dictating life cycles and buy readiness, ensuring timely placement of buys and end of life management
  • Enhanced capabilities for catering units to receive products of varying types, using handheld devices
  • Lot tracing capability and shelf life management within 3PL network